Sans is one of the (if not THE) main character of NeverTale! He has a strong connection with W.D. Gaster and Papyrus

He is known for saying puns and jokes to try to make the other monsters feel better, although it never works

POWERS: His powers consist of black and white outlined gaster blasters along with black bones (the gaster blasters have purple laser blasts) and the ability to break the fourth wall and use telekenises altough he tries to hide his powers, all the other monsters know he has them, but never bring the topic up.

APPERANCE: he has a black hoodie with black shorts and purple slippers along with his hood always being up, his "pupils" are purple

Fun fact: he is the only monster who still has hope that they will see the surface again

"I Don't really care about capturing humans, now, the king, Asgore, he dosen't either, he just cares about keeping us trapped underground and depressed" -Never! Sans in snowdrin

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