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  • new page Never! Asgore
    created by Ferux77
    New page: Asgore is the evil king of the monsters and is responcible for all of the other monsters losing hope, He is around 7 feet high and is equipt with...
  • edit Never! Sans
    edited by Ferux77 diff
  • new page Never! Sans
    created by Ferux77
    New page: Sans is one of the (if not THE) main character of NeverTale! He has a strong connection with W.D. Gaster and Papyrus He is known for saying puns and...
  • new page Characters
    created by Ferux77
    New page: here is where you will learn about the many characters of NeverTale!
  • edit What is NeverTale?
    edited by Ferux77 diff
  • new page What is NeverTale?
    created by Ferux77
    New page: NeverTale is an undertale AU where everything is foggy and everyone is (partley) depressed and everyone has given up hope on returning home.
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by DaNASCAT


    Hello, I'm a member of Fandom's Community Support team. We're excited to have NeverTale Wiki as part of the Fandom community! ... 

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